Peter Santo 



My name is Peter Santo and I am the Editor-In-Chief and the founder of SantoSports. I first got the idea for this blog while I was working as the Sports Editor for The Bradford (check them out at whsbradford.org). While I love that position and continue to work at it every day, I was looking for a place where I could write about more professional sports and make my opinions heard. With this blog I finally have a place to broadcast the endless analysis I do of every sport I follow. While I know a lot about all sports, tennis and golf are my favorites and I love writing about those. I hope that this blog becomes a place where people turn when they are looking for insightful analysis about all sports and I look forward to growing as a journalist through this blog. Hope y’all enjoy.



  • Hi Jackson and Peter,

    I saw your blog and really enjoyed it. I have a unique sports website, fanthem.com that is dedicated to bringing citizen sports journalists to the forefront by highlighting great writers like you have here. You can create new content or re-post your blog content on fanthem.com and increase your blogs exposure while also getting more interaction from readers. Let me know if you are interested at fanthemsports@gmail.com.

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  • Hey guys,
    I was directed to your site by the one and only Peter Santo. I became extremely interested by the colorful pictures and many big words used in your articles. You’re doing a great job here. Keep up the good work!!


  • Denise McWilliam-Canzano

    I must say I am quite impressed, though not surprised at the talent and enthusiasm here. It will carry you all a long way!


  • this is dope


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