The Red Sox Traded Clay Buchholz for Nothing

By Peter Santo


The Red Sox traded Clay Buchholz to the Philadelphia Phillies today in exchange for second base prospect Josh Tobias, so basically nothing.

I understand why the Red Sox made this deal, it was essentially a salary dump to avoid luxury tax penalties. With the addition of Chris Sale, Buchholz and his $13.5 million salary became expendable. Sox fans were hoping that Buchholz’s excellent second half would help net something in return, but in the end this was just a salary dump.

Though I understand it, I don’t love this deal, you’re the Red Sox, you’re supposed to have one of the highest payrolls, you’re trying to win games, I don’t care if you have to go into the luxury tax to win, that’s what it takes sometimes.

Buchholz has proven over the years that he can be at least an average starter when healthy, and has shown flashes of brilliance plenty of times. I know he was essentially your sixth or even seventh starter, but every year someone gets hurt and you need another starter. Sean O’Sullivan started games last year for Boston, I’d rather have Buchholz pitching then Sean O’Sullivan.

Additionally, Buchholz was excellent out of the bullpen last season, and could’ve contributed out of the pen again in 2017.

I know everyone in Boston hates Buchholz, he never lived up to his potential and was considered soft, which we hate. But I don’t hate Buchholz, sure he aggravates me at times, but him and Jon Lester were two of the Red Sox’ best homegrown pitchers in the last 15 years.

Clay was injury prone, but never soft. In fact, in the 2013 World Series he took the mound on the road with a dead arm, he couldn’t even hit 90 on the gun, and gave you 4 innings of one run ball in a game you had to have down 2-1 to St. Louis. He even set he would’ve taken the mound in a potential game 7 if called upon. That’s not soft, that takes guts.

I knew this would happen once the Red Sox landed Chris Sale, that Buchholz would be traded to a National League team for nothing. Buchholz will be in a good situation in Philadelphia, he will be the veteran in a very young up and coming pitching staff and will go against weaker lineups in the NL.

I predict Buchholz wins at least 12 games for the Phillies next season. I think this could be a move the Red Sox later regret.

Farewell, Claydro.

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