Sorry Washington, Kirk Cousins is a Mediocre Quarterback

By Peter Santo


The Washington Redskins thought they had found their QB of the future when they drafted Robert Griffin III 2nd overall in 2012, little did they know their actual future quarterback, Kirk Cousins, would be drafted three rounds later.

Cousins is a decent NFL quarterback, he would be a starter on a lot of teams, but he’s going to get a Brock Osweiler type deal (probably more honestly) from someone, probably the Redskins, this offseason. He’s just not worth it, and last night showed why.

Cousins is one of the highest paid quarterbacks in football this season by virtue of his $19.9 million franchise tag, and contract negotiations have begun with figures around the $24 million mark. That would make Cousins the third highest paid quarterback in football behind Andrew Luck and Drew Brees. Does anyone think Cousins is the third best quarterback in football?

It’s pretty simple, good quarterbacks put up numbers, great quarterbacks win games. Cousins has put up great numbers this season, he’s thrown for 4,350 yards (Second in NFL) with 23 touchdowns compared to just 10 interceptions.

But when his team needed him most, he couldn’t even beat the lowly Carolina Panthers. This was Kirk Cousin’s chance to prove himself, a must win home game in primetime against a bad team, and he couldn’t do it. Cam Newton wasn’t spectacular, but he did enough to win the game, that’s what great quarterbacks do.

The numbers were decent last night for Cousins, as they usually are, 32-47 for 315 yards, but he failed to throw a touchdown pass and the Redskins lost 26-15.

A loss to the 6-8 mess that is the 2016 Carolina Panthers is just unacceptable for a team in the thick of the playoff race, and unacceptable for a quarterback trying to take that next step.

Cousins is going to get paid, there simply isn’t a better option, but he hasn’t showed me anything to make him deserving, he’s going to get paid by default. Cousins strikes me as another Matt Stafford, a good quarterback with a big arm who has no chance to win anything ever.

Lions fans will argue about all the comebacks Stafford has made in his career, how he’s an excellent fourth quarter quarterback, but Stafford couldn’t even win a playoff game with the best wide receiver of this generation.

Cousins has weapons, DeSean Jackson can still get it done and Jordan Reed is an excellent tight end when healthy, but you need intangibles to win in the NFL Playoffs, and Cousins just doesn’t have it.

Redskins fans go ahead and argue with me, but Kirk Cousins is simply mediocre, and he proved it last night.

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