More Breaking News: Red Sox acquire Chris Sale from White Sox

By Peter Santo


The hot stove is really heating up now. After beginning the offseason saying the Red Sox were likely to mostly stand pat this offseason, Dave Dombrowski pulled off a blockbuster, acquiring Chris Sale from the White Sox in exchange for Yoan Moncada, Michael Kopech, and two other minor leaguers.

Well the Red Sox got their guy, and they got him for the right price. It hurts to lose Moncada, he’s become one of the best prospects in baseball over the past two years, but when you have an opportunity to get the best left-hander in the American League without giving up any major league ready talent, you do it.

The fact that the Red Sox got this deal done without giving up Mookie Betts, Jackie Bradley Jr., Andrew Benintendi, or Xander Bogaerts is shocking, but I’ll take it. They didn’t even have to give up Eduardo Rodriguez.

The main question Red Sox fans will have is if this was the price for Sale, why didn’t Dombrowski do this deal six months ago when the Sox still had David Ortiz. I think the answer is simple, the asking price was higher in the summer. I think the Nationals balked at what the White Sox were asking for, and I think Chicago was almost desperate to move Sale.

Well the Red Sox took advantage of the White Sox desperation, and flat out stole one of the best pitchers in the league from them. A rotation now featuring Sale, Price, Porcello, Rodriguez, and Wright is going to be very tough for opposing hitters.

The Sox only remaining need is now a power bat, preferably a left handed one. With Boston looking to stay under the luxury tax, look for Dombrowski to try and flip Clay Buchholz and his $13.5 million salary for a bat.

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