Tiger Woods Withdraws from Safeway Open

By Peter Santo


Well as if mondays weren’t hard enough, the golf world was greeted with some tough news this morning. Tiger Wood’s return to the PGA Tour would have to wait, as a few days of practice in California determined that he wasn’t quite ready to return to golf’s biggest stage.

The news was first reported by Tim Rosaforte and later confirmed by Wood’s close friend and Golf Channel commentator Notah Begay III.

Begay said that he had spoken to Woods by phone this morning and they talked about why he was withdrawing. What was surprising to most is that Wood’s reason for withdrawing was reported as “performance based” as opposed to injury based. It was quickly determined that Woods indeed is healthy enough to tee it up, and that he is forgoing the opportunity because he believes his game simply isn’t ready.

Some are viewing this as a smart move, as Tiger himself has said that he has rushed back from injuries in the past and that has hurt his career. This step makes it appear at least that he definitely won’t make that mistake again.

However others are viewing this as nothing more than an ego trip for TW, suggesting he thinks that since he knows he won’t be as dominant he is choosing not to play.

Another thing that was alarming about this report was that Wood’s struggles with his game and the reason he isn’t playing this week is related to his short game. This is a worrisome sign after the terrible chip yips Woods showed last season.

Whatever your opinion, there is no question he is good for the game of golf and that as a sport we need him. As of right now, the plan is for Woods to return at his Hero World Challenge event in December. Here’s hoping the Big Cat returns soon.

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