Sam Saunders Remembers His Grandfather Arnold Palmer

By Peter Santo


The golf world lost a true hero last week when Arnold Palmer passed away at the age of 87. While Palmer is no longer with us, his spirit and impact of the game live on, partly through Sam Saunders.

Saunders, Palmer’s grandson, has bounced around the PGA Tour and Tour the past few years, looking to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps. This week Saunders is looking to earn back his PGA Tour card via the Tour Championship, but took a break in his preparation to remember his late grandfather.–remembrance-of-his-grandfather-arnold-palmer.html

In the eulogy Saunders touched on his many phone calls with Palmer, including how Palmer would always ask where he was, Saunders thanked his grandfather for always making the time to speak to him.

Palmer one time even answered a call from Saunders while he was in the Oval Office with the President.

Watch out for Sam Saunders this week, he will likely be playing some inspired golf.

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