Shots Fired on Live From the Ryder Cup

By Peter Santo


Ah the Ryder Cup, the most heated week in all of golf, and since it only comes once every two years things can get pretty crazy.

Much of the talk this week is centered around why Team USA has struggled so mightily in the Ryder Cup for the past twenty or so years.

Everyone has their own opinion, some think it’s the lack of passion on the US side, some (like Brandel Chamblee) think the Euros have superior leadership, while others think it’s simply lack of execution. I for one think it is a combination of the three.

Brandel Chamblee and David Duval clearly disagree on why the Americans have struggled so much in the Ryder Cup, and neither was afraid to let the other know their opinion. They went at it pretty heavily on Golf Channel’s Live From the Ryder Cup. Because what’s a major golf event without Brandel Chamblee talking nonsense about Tiger Woods and making a fool of himself on air.

Poor Frank Nobilo in the middle, and having spoken to Nobilo in the past about on-air debates such as these I can attest that absolutely none of this is scripted. “None of what I do is scripted. My job is an analyst, not a presenter. I have to adjust and ad-lib on the fly. We have a rundown and that provides the structure,” said Nobilo.

Without further ado, here’s David Duval putting Chamblee in his place on live TV:

It’s time for the USA to win a home game and bring home the Cup. #WeAre13

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