Unappreciated Greatness

By Jackson Posnik

Staff Writer

There are some things that are just unfathomable to the human mind. How small an atom is, how incredibly hot the face of the sun is, how vast and endless the universe is. As humans we know all these things as fact, but cannot fully wrap our minds around any of them.

I propose we add something else to that list. How unbelievable, mind boggling, super-human Steph Curry is at shooting a basketball. It is simply incomprehensible.

Last season NBA analysts and experts would talk about how Steph Curry was possibly the best shooter of all time. Now, is there even a doubt?

Most athletes regress to a mean, or a more average performance level after their best season. It is why the Madden curse is not a curse, but more probability. It is why James Harden is having such a worse season this year than last, probability wise, it is that hard to sustain such a high level of performance.

Steph Curry has decided to take that theory and blow it up. I thought that Steph was having an otherworldly season last year; but it was just too good for him to continue doing, he would have to regress.

Well it turns out Steph was just getting started. He has made more three pointers this season than last, and is shooting a higher percentage. He tied the NBA record for three’s made in a single game last night (12), and earlier this week broke Kyle Korver’s record for most consecutive games with a three pointer made (128).

But it is not even the stats that are so stupendous. It is how Curry creates shots and seemingly never misses. Conventional wisdom says dribbling and pulling up for a shot, is much harder to do than come of a screen and catch, then shoot. But not only does Curry do ridiculous dribbling moves to free himself up for a nanosecond and then shoot, he does so on any and all players. Just watch this Vine, courtesy of Barstool’s Clem .

What we are witnessing is something at the peak of a greatness never seen before. It is truly unfathomable, but we should all do our best to try and see and understand how truly great Steph Curry is. Finally, some statistics to back up all this talk. 


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