Uneventful Trade Deadline Leaves Similar Picture

By Jackson Posnik

Staff Writer

The trade deadline had its rumors, it had the potential to be exciting, but at the end of the day no major deals went down.

The Celtics looked to make a big splash, with rumors swirling of a possible deal for Demarcus Cousins, Blake Griffin, Al Horford, or Kevin Love in exchange for their Brooklyn pick. But GM Danny Ainge did not make any moves despite saying he was close to reaching a deal.

As for the deals that did go down, Channing Frye was dealt to the Cavaliers for Anderson Varejao who was then sent to the Trailblazers along with a conditional first round pick; while the Magic received Jared Cunningham and a second round pick. The Magic are expected to waive Cunningham while Varejao has already been waived, so this deal really just improved the Cavs three point shooting and gave the other teams some picks.

Another trade that was completed was Markieff Morris to the Wizards in exchange for Dejuan Blair, Kris Humphries, and a protected first round pick. I personally would call this the most interesting trade of the day, because of Markieff Morris. Though he is having a poor season on the court because of locker room issues in Phoenix, Morris has the potential to score 18 or so points a game and grab 10 boards. He was angry with the Suns for trading away his twin brother Marcus so a change of scenery is exactly what this guy needs.

Another notable trade was the acquisition of Jeff Green by the Clippers for Lance Stephenson and a future first round pick. Though inconsistent, Green can be a good impact player with size and an ability to score from the wing and the post. Lance Stephenson is a complete and total mystery. He was great on the Pacers but has been unable to find his footing anywhere else, so Memphis, who needs wing scoring, could be a good destination.

The final trade of the day was Randy Foye to the Thunder while the Nuggets received Steve Novak, DJ Augustin, and two second round picks. The move saves the Thunder a large amount in luxury tax penalties as well as freeing up a $3.8 million trade exception. Foye is a good three point shooter who will give the Thunder another reliable shooter/ball handler; and the Nuggets will get a veteran point guard who can teach Emmanuel Mudiay more about the game of basketball.


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