NFC Playoff Picture

By Jackson Posnik

Staff Writer

The NFC has been different this year to say the least. Unlike years prior where the headlining teams are the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks, this season the universally agreed upon best teams in the NFC are the Arizona Cardinals and the team that has shocked the league, the Carolina Panthers.

But what has not changed is that it appears for the second straight season a team with a record of below .500 could make the playoffs, which brings me to who I think will win the NFC East, and that is the Washington Redskins. Quite honestly I’m shocked to be typing those words but it’s true, with the Cowboys lack of quarterback, the Eagles decision to be terrible despite all the hype, and Eli being Eli, the Redskins under Kirk Cousins are my pick to win the NFC East.

Moving to the NFC North, I think that once again the Packers will win the division. This division is a fight between the Vikings and Packers, both have an 8-4 record, and the Packers have already won round one and I anticipate they will also win round two. Though I think Green Bay will lose to Arizona, I think they will win their other remaining games, including a season finale at Lambeau against the Vikings to finish at 11-5. I was high on Minnesota, but after getting crushed by Seattle, and with remaining games against Arizona and the aforementioned Green Bay game, I believe the Vikings finish at 10-6 to fall to second place in the division.

Going down south, the clear winner is the Panthers. There is really no other good team in that division to begin with, but Carolina’s record is so much better than anybody else’s it really doesn’t matter anyway.

The same type of situation goes in the NFC West as in the NFC South. The Arizona Cardinals are the clear winners. There is no team nearly as good or a record that is even comparable.

Before this weekend of games I was having trouble deciding my wildcard teams. But after the Vikings Seahawks game to me it has become very clear. The two wildcard teams will be the Seahawks and the Vikings. Seattle as the one seed and Minnesota the two.  I predict that both the Seahawks and Vikings finish at 10-6 and since Seattle but a drubbing on Minnesota, they win the tiebreaker. I thought the Bears also had a shot at claiming the second wildcard spot, but after an embarrassing loss to the 49ers, lead by worst quarterback ever Blaine Gabbert, I do not think they have what it takes by any means.

So there are the picks, the Redskins (still can’t believe I actually think that), Packers, Panthers, Cardinals, Seahawks, and Vikings. It’s going to be exciting.  

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