AFC Playoff Picture

By Jackson Posnik

Staff Writer

The AFC has been weak this season. With three top tier teams and one team that really stands above all, the fact that six teams are representing the AFC in the playoffs is odd to think about. Here are my picks for who gets in.

The AFC East has been the same old same old this season, with the Patriots dominating everybody. Were it not for a slew of injuries and some very questionable penalties I do believe the Patriots would be 11-0 and have a chance at the perfect season. But that does not matter when picking them as the winner of the AFC East which they will be once again.

The second of the top three in the AFC will be the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals will win the AFC North and by a wide margin. The Bengals have looked completely different this year as Andy Dalton has looked like a primetime quarterback who won’t crumble in the playoffs. Whether he reverts to the Dalton of old is up for argument, but the Red Rifle will have the chance to prove he has changed.

The AFC South is rather interesting, not because any team is that good, but it will be entertaining to see which team in that awful division is the best one. To me it comes down to the Colts and the Texans. Each team is 6-6 and they play each other once more this season. I can see the Colts winning out to finish at 10-6. The Texans on the other hand I think will lose three straight games, starting with this week against the Bills. That would make the Colts the winner of the division, despite how bad they are.

The Broncos in my opinion are the third team of the aforementioned top three, and will easily win their division. They have one of the best defenses in the league and Brock Osweiler looks competent, at least much better than Peyton Manning ever did.

The AFC wildcard spots are wide open. And when I say wide open I mean it. I think that the Jets, Bills, Steelers, Texans, and Chiefs all have a chance to make the playoffs.

I’ll start east with the Jets, Bills, and Steelers. The Jets are 7-5 with games against the Titans, Cowboys, Patriots, and Bills left to play. I think the Jets win the first two and drop the last two to end at 9-7. The Bills are 6-6, but their remaining games are against the Eagles, Redskins, Cowboys, and Jets. I think the Bills run the table and will their last four games to reach 10-6. The Steelers final four games pit them against the Ravens, Browns, Bengals, and Broncos. I predict that like the Jets, the Steelers win the first two and lose the last two, to put them at 9-7.

The fourth quarter of the Chiefs season puts them against the Chargers, Ravens, Browns, and Raiders. I believe the Chiefs win these last four games to end their season on a high note of 11-5.

The Texans are 6-6 and getting ready to face the Patriots and Colts, which I think they will lose, then the Titans and Jaguars, which I think they win. That puts the Texans at 8-8.

After all that, my picks for the wildcard are the Chiefs at 11-5 and the Bills at 10-6. That makes the six picks the Patriots, Bengals, Colts, Broncos, Chiefs, and Bills.

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