Dombrowski Lands Price

By Jackson Posnik

Staff Writer

We were told new Red Sox President of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski would make major moves this offseason. And boy did he deliver, as the Red Sox will sign pitcher David Price.

Price was inked to a seven-year deal, worth 217 million dollars, giving the Red Sox the true number one starter they so desperately need. Price is just the guy the doctor ordered, a real ace who has been truly dominant throughout his entire career.

First let’s go over Price: Price is 30 years old and still in the prime of his career. Price has a career ERA of 3.09 and is good for around 200 strikeouts every year.

The guy is an absolute workhouse and rarely makes less than 25 starts a season, so the concern for injury is virtually non existent. He’s also a consistent Cy Young contender with the potential for 20 wins every year.

Also just as important as the stats, is Price is an experienced pitcher in the AL East, which has been known to destroy pitchers switching over from the NL or other divisions. So there won’t be an Eric Gagne, Jake Peavy, or John Smoltz situation.

The bright lights of Fenway Park can also be a concern to new free agents, playing in a big market like Boston (see Crawford, Carl). But Price happens to be unreal at Fenway Park, with a record of 6-1 with a 1.95 ERA.

The only real knock on Price is his performance in the playoffs and while it hasn’t been good, I’m first going to worry about the Red Sox actually getting in and then focusing on Price’s shortcomings. Who knows, maybe playing for a big market team in the playoffs will get the best out of Price?

Now the contract: Price’s deal is reportedly worth 217 million dollars over seven years for about 31 million a year. All the people complaining about how much money the Red Sox are spending can be quiet, there is no salary cap in baseball and the Sox can definitely afford it.

And to everybody complaining about how Price is 30 and the deal lasts seven years, also be quiet. Price has showed no signs of losing velocity and as I said before, no injury history.

If there is a pitcher to bet on being good for the next seven years up to age 37, David Price is one of if not the safest bet. And if for some reason Price is underwhelming, there is a buyout option after year three.

It’s time to start getting excited Red Sox fans, as trader Dan adds one more piece to what appears to be a very promising Sox puzzle.

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