The NBA should be scared

By Jackson Posnik

Staff writer

Steph Curry has become a household name. Originally a superb shooter dealing with ankle issues, the Warriors point guard transformed his game, won MVP and became an NBA champion, while establishing himself as one of the best players in the league.

What has been so incredible about Curry is not his athleticism, or pure strength, rather his otherworldly shooting and his ability to seemingly make any shot off the dribble, no matter how far. It seemed impossible Curry would be able to keep his play at such a level, let alone improve. But he has, and the NBA should be afraid.

Through his first five games this season Curry has scored 179 points. In the past 30 seasons that point total through five games has been eclipsed just three times, all by a man named Michael Jordan.

While that statistic is already impressive alone, the seasons Jordan had more than 179 points through five games, 86-87, 89-90, and 91-92, only the 91-92 season is really comparable scoring wise to Curry.

In the 86-87 season Jordan scored 3041 points, the next highest was Charles Oakley with 1192, around 2000 points less! The average player on that team scored less than 500 points. Jordan really had no help with scoring that season.

In 89-90 the Bulls had Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant, so the team was significantly better but each player scored more than 1000 points less than Jordan. The 91-92 season is really the only season Jordan had much help, with Scottie Pippen only scoring around 700 less points.

In the 14-15 season Steph Curry scored 1900 points and Klay Thompson scored 1668, while Draymond Green scored a little under 1000, and Harrison Barnes had around 830, which means Curry had significantly more help from his teammates. Also Curry only played 33 minutes per game. In the 86-87 season Jordan played 40 minutes per game, in 89-90 39 minutes per game, and in 91-92 39 minutes per game.

Steph Curry is playing historically great basketball. He is scoring on pace with MJ, while playing significantly less minutes. Curry has played 32 minutes per game this season, and while having more help with the scoring load.

The NBA is seeing a run of dominance that statistically has never been seen before, and teams must figure out some way to slow down Curry. The Warriors are 5-0 this season, all while without head coach Steve Kerr, and Curry doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

You’ve all been warned.

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