Is Eli Manning Elite?

By Peter Santo


The Cowboys defeated the Giants 27-26 Sunday night, in a game they had no business winning. Eli Manning choked away the game, and Dallas escaped the Meadowlands with a victory.

Much of the controversy came from Eli’s decision to not score a touchdown that would’ve put the Giants up 10 points in the final minutes of the game. Manning not only seemingly forgot what the score was but also did not know the timeout situation when he told running back Rashad Jennings not to score the winning touchdown.

Manning said he was thinking back to Super Bowl XLVI, where it would’ve been in the Giants favor to run down the clock and kick a field goal, (they were trailing 17-16 at the time) rather than give Tom Brady and the Patriots another possession. This was an entirely different scenario, there is no harm in going up two possessions.

In his interview with New York radio host Mike Francesa on Tuesday, Manning made a pitiful attempt to defend his decision making down the stretch.

The interview is a microcosm for the (very low) level of education in the NFL these days. Frankly, if one of the league’s best QBs can be this inept, where does that put the rest of them. I wanted to believe that Eli Manning really was a great QB, I wanted to believe that the two Super Bowl victories weren’t just two lucky catches by David Tyree and Mario Manningham. But I just can’t anymore.

This latest installment in the Tom Coughlin-Eli Manning New York Giants saga must have Giants fans wondering if this QB-Coach tandem is washed up. That’s how to live up to your new $84 million contract Eli!!!! Click the link below for the full length interview.


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