6-year-old will play 100 golf holes to honor friend who died of cancer

By Peter Santo


Can I play with this kid? Someone get me his contact info. This is awesome. I wish he got discounts on those clothes. But no because Titleist…

For The Win

Ryan McGuire is a golf-obsessed 6-year-old from Foxboro, Massachusetts. His best friend, Danny Nickerson, tragically passed away from cancer in April, so McGuire crafted a plan to honor his friend: He would play 100 consecutive holes of golf on June 17th in hopes of raising $5,000 for cancer research.

Speaking to Boston’s WBZ NewsRadio, McGuire talked about the lasting memories of his friend:

“He was a good boy. He was a really nice friend. I liked to play with him and read books with him.”

Ryan says he’s missed his friend Danny. When Danny died, his class let go of balloons in the playground at recess.

“You could actually still see them when they were just like dots,” Ryan said.

His mother asked…

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