Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic don’t like each other, says Boris Becker

Does this really surprise anyone?

For The Win


Not that it was exactly a secret, but Roger Federer, the affable everyman who will sell the world the everyday trappings they require, such as Rolex watches, Moet & Chandon champagne and gourmet Swiss chocolate, and the father of four who couldn’t possibly have a disagreeable bone in his body, apparently has some beef with rival Novak Djokovic. That’s according to Djokovic’s coach, former tennis-beef-haver Boris Becker.

Becker’s new autobiography, Wimbledon: My Life and Career at the All England Club expresses a wistfulness for when the game wasn’t so politically correct. He says Federer and Djokovic “don’t particularly like each other,” which isn’t exactly a surprise, but would be if you only saw the two congratulate each other after even the toughest matches. There’s a sportsmanship on tour that’s unparalleled in sport (except perhaps golf) and the long hug between a devastated Djokovic and elated Stan Wawrinka after…

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