He said, He said: Belichick never believed Brady’s Deflategate story, says Boston reporter

Who is Ron Borges? Like he knows what Belichick is thinking. Belichick probably doesn’t even know what Belichick is thinking. No one reads the Herald anyway. If you want good Pats coverage, go read Ben Volin

For The Win

(Getty Images) (Getty Images)

All through the Deflategate process, one in which many voices were shouting many different things, there was one group that was conspicuously quiet: NFL quarterbacks, past and present.

Oh, a few would do a demonstration on PSI for television cameras or give a perfunctory quote about their own preference for an ideal football, but no one at all came rushing to Brady’s defense. There were two inferences to make from this: First, everybody was doing the same exact thing, so they hoped Brady’s saga would end quickly so they could get back to tailoring footballs to their specificities. Or, as Boston Herald writer Ron Borges told a Boston sports program this week, nobody besides Don Yee lept to Brady’s defense because no one believed his story, including Bill Belichick.

(AP) (AP)

“Belichick never believed his story, from what I was told. Because they all know. Why do you think…

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