Goodell to hear Tom Brady’s appeal

By Jackson Posnik

Contributing Writer

Recently it has come to light that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will be the independent arbitrator to hear Tom Brady’s appeal of his four game suspension. The main question that comes to mind is how can this possibly be happening?

If a player files an appeal against the league it is supposed to be heard by an unbiased independent arbitrator to the case. In the case of Deflategate, Brady filed an appeal of his four suspension. So how is it that Roger Goodell appointed himself as the arbitrator?

Goodell is neither independent nor unbiased. As Commissioner of the NFL, the organization that handed Brady his suspension, how is it that Goodell can argue that he is neutral?

Now technically Roger Goodell did not impose the suspension, that was NFL Vice President of Football Operations Troy Vincent, but Goodell would have to approve that suspension.

It is also true that the NFLPA has asked Goodell to step down as arbitrator and will presumably find a competent replacement. That is if Goodell does step aside.

If he doesn’t, that’s an outrage! A clearly non biased person judging the case who also happens to be the head of the organization that is being fought. On what planet is that neutral? That’s like saying Red Sox fans were unbiased when deciding whether they believed Alex Rodriguez was guilty of using PED’s. Of course they weren’t neutral!

If Goodell does oversee the appeal don’t expect anything to change. Goodell has messed up too many times and his public image has taken too large of a hit for him to admit he was wrong again. This a clear abuse of power by Roger Goodell as a way to save his image and finally nail the coffin shut on the Patriots. If he is arbitrator the facts will not matter.

What will matter is if decides to agree with the NFLPA and does step down, expect a sentence change. According to multiple reports Brady has the legal dream team and could even get the suspension completely overturned.

Maybe I am wrong and maybe Roger Goodell does oversee the appeal and does end up eliminating such a ridiculous suspension, in fact I hope that is what happens, but I don’t see it.

Here’s to hoping I’m wrong.

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