People are petitioning President Barack Obama to create Mike Trout Appreciation Day

Where do I sign?

For The Win

Mike Trout (AP Photo) Mike Trout (AP Photo)

For a post at Eye on Baseball, Dave Brown created a petition in an effort to convince Barack Obama to create Mike Trout Appreciation Day.

Brown writes:

As he showed again Wednesday night, Mike Trout is the best player in the best sport and he deserves a day all to himself. Mike Trout Appreciation Day, unless someone else can think of something better, is what we should call it. You can help make it happen by signing a petition addressed to President Barack Obama himself.

We are lucky. We are blessed. Even if Mike Trout Appreciation Day doesn’t happen, it’s incumbent on us as individuals to put some time aside to watch Mike Trout highlights and appreciate him. If you already do, take more time! Mike Trout is worth our reflection.

This is an extremely noble cause, and one I wholeheartedly support. The

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