How is Roger Goodell allowed to hear the Tom Brady appeal?

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(USA TODAY Sports Images) (USA TODAY Sports Images)

To much confusion and surprise, the NFL announced Thursday night that commissioner Roger Goodell would be hearing the Tom Brady appeal, likely within the next 10 days as stated by rule. This got everybody into a tizzy because anytime the word “Goodell” appears in any form of print, people start criticizing. So we at FTW tried to clear up some of conceptions, facts and misconceptions about Tom Brady, Roger Goodell, Ted Wells and that quarter-season suspension.

1. Why would Goodell give this to an independent arbiter?

(USA TODAY Sports) (USA TODAY Sports)

Everyone is outraged because Goodell took the case himself rather than assign to an independent or NFL-appointed arbiter. And it shouldn’t be surprising. And if the NFLPA is complaining about it (which, of course, it is) the orgnization has no one to blame but themselves. The 2011 collective bargaining agreement stated this is how the appeals would work. The…

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