Alex Ovechkin is the most underachieving player in NHL history

His lack of defense should be illegal

For The Win

Alex Ovechkin has a good chance to win his fourth MVP award next month, which would give him one for every playoff series he’s won in his NHL career. In hockey, individual glory has never ever been so at odds with team success as it’s been with the Washington Capitals superstar.

There will be hundreds of things to debate after the Caps’ latest playoff flameout, a 2-1 overtime Game 7 loss to the New York Rangers. There will be takes both hot and thoughtful about why Washington was a loser one again. There will be evidence that seems contradictory, including that the only goal in Ovechkin’s sixth Game 7 loss in nine tries was by Ovechkin himself. There will be defenses of the star, usually from those who “Rock the Red” the hardest: “Ovechkin has gone through coaches like White Houses go through press secretaries! How can he possibly have any stability?”

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