Red Sox struggles going unnoticed

By Peter Santo


While all of New England is up and arms over Tom Brady’s suspension, the Red Sox are slowly falling further into the basement of the AL East. Deflate gate might be the worst thing to happen to the Patriots, but it’s the best thing to happen to the Sox. The club currently sits 5.5 games behind the Yankees in the standings, and is lucky to be this close.

While the Sox have hit as expected, their pitching is simply atrocious. The pitching staff boasts an unsightly 5.05 ERA. Once again a Red Sox starter failed to pitch deep into the game last night, with Justin Masterson going just 2.1 innings in a 9-2 loss to fellow cellar dweller Oakland A’s.

During Spring Training we were wondering “who’s the ace,” and each pitcher in the rotation made their case. So far this season, it is clear who the ace is, no one. The only potential Red Sox ace currently pitches for Philadelphia.

“Incumbent ace” Clay Buchholz has an ERA of 5.73 in 7 starts this season. And new additions Wade Miley and Justin Masterson have ERAs of 6.91 and 6.37 respectively.

Not only that, but because the starters are failing to pitch deep into games, the bullpen is continuing to have to eat tons of innings. The bullpen has been respectable so far this season, but we can’t keep expecting them to pitch this many innings.

The dysfunction in the catching situation certainly hasn’t helped, with injuries to Christian Vazquez and Ryan Hanigan star prospect Blake Swihart is forced to learn on the fly in the big leagues.

I know this team has potential, the offense can certainly hit with anyone in the big leagues. This team needs to get their pitching in order, firing the pitching coach didn’t help. The time for change is now. not later.

Those changes could come from within, in the form of young pitchers Eduardo Rodriguez and Henry Owens. Matt Barnes has had success in limited action, posting a 1.69 ERA in three appearances.

However, if the Red Sox want to compete for a world series championship this year, changes need to come from outside the organization. Two words Ben Cherington: Cole Hamels.

I know Blake Swihart might turn into the next Buster Posey, but if there is anything we have learned in recent history, it’s that good pitching trumps good hitting every time. See Bumgarner, Madison. Pull the trigger, and give yourself a chance, or risk losing your job. One thing’s for sure, Red Sox nation is not going to sit around and watch this team “rebuild.”

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