Jim Harbaugh self-reported an absurd NCAA ‘violation’

The NCAA everybody… Even good deeds are against the rules

For The Win

(Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports) (Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports)

Michigan self-reported four secondary NCAA violations this week, and one of them was especially ridiculous. Secondary, or Level III violations, are minor, considered to be unintentional and do not often result in NCAA action. Those involved usually have to meet with their compliance department and learn the rules.

According to the Detroit Free Press, one of the violations was committed on March 18 when coach Jim Harbaugh sent an autographed helmet and jersey to an auction organized by a former high school classmate to benefit suicide prevention and awareness. The money ended up being used for a scholarship to honor a student who committed suicide, but Harbaugh didn’t know about that. This ended up being a violation of NCAA rules because programs and coaches cannot personally donate items to high school scholarship funds.

Harbaugh was advised that in the future, all donations must be reviewed by compliance.


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