Mayweather Pacquiao Fails to Impress

By Jackson Posnik

Contributing Writer

The fight of the century. If we have to wait another 85 years for a fight like that, then boxing is in trouble.

The fight happened too late in Pacquiao’s career and that plus Mayweather’s style as a fighter resulted in a boring bout.

The bout that was supposed to bring back the sport of boxing turned out to be a waste of money. Instead of bringing it back, this fight killed any incentive to ever buy another pay per view boxing match.

The fight went exactly as we should have expected and feared. A constant advancement by the Pac Man, only to have Mayweather be the defensive fighter he is deflecting and throwing soft counter punches that would hurt the average person but not a professional fighter.

The only real exciting moment came when Pacquiao landed a hard left on the money man and had him reeling into the corner where Pacquiao proceeded to unload a hard combination that seemed to stun but only slightly hurt Mayweather.

After that whenever Pacquiao got close Mayweather immediately hugged and held Pacquiao like a long lost brother.

There were a couple moments when Pacquiao would land consecutive punches, but aside from that the fight consisted of Mayweather running away, counterpunching, and hugging Pacquiao.

To the average person it seemed as though Pacquiao had won the fight with his aggressive style and flashy punches, but it seemed as though every professional boxing analyst said Mayweather won by a landslide. Everyone said Pacquiao was the more aggressive fighter, however it was Mayweather who threw more punches.

Pacquiao seemed genuinely baffled after being told he didn’t win the fight and Mayweather did what he always does, gloat and cheer. Although he did give Pacquiao much credit and was classier than usual.

All in all the fight was a bust, which we really all should have expected, not some super fight, that would redefine boxing. I hope we get a rematch with Pacquiao at 100%.

Peter Santo also contributed to this report

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