Miscellaneous quick thoughts

By Peter Santo


The Bruins had what was by far their worst loss of the season Tuesday night, a 2-1 shootout loss to the Buffalo Sabres, the worst team in the NHL. After a strong start that saw the Bruins get out to an early 1-0 lead on a Loui Eriksson goal, the B’s ran into a hot goaltender in Anders Lindback.

Lindback made 44 saves and the B’s never scored again. After losing yet another shootout, the Bruins are now 3-8 in shootouts this season. The latest shootout featured Claude Julien’s controversial decision of having Torey Krug shoot third in the shootout.

Add another item to the why Claude should be fired list. With the game on the line, why not have the electrifying David Pastrnak take the shot? Or the guy who scored earlier in the game, Loui Eriksson? I understand that Krug is an offensive defensemen, but with a number of top 6 forwards available, Julien’s decision was mind boggling.

Last night’s game was a great example of why the NHL is so much more entertaining than the NBA and a higher quality product in general. The Sabres, the team with the worst record in the league, played with effort and intensity for all 60 minutes, and earned last nights victory. The third period and overtime featured extremely high intensity, but I found the energy from both teams to be extremely high throughout.

Meanwhile Friday night in the NBA featured a matchup between a team fighting for a playoff spot (the Celtics) and a team in last place (the Orlando Magic). Both teams came out extremely sluggish, and I felt as if I was watching a pickup basketball game for the first three quarters.

Players were making flashy passes, attempting crazy layups and playing as if it were the All Star Game. The lack of effort on the defensive end was startling. While the game got entertaining in the 4th quarter when Evan Turner took over, it did not make up for the overall lack of intensity throughout.

Not to mention the endless dances and fan contests performed during every timeout, I felt like I watched more dancing than basketball. Having attended games from both leagues recently, I urge ESPN to start covering hockey.

The Bruins and their fans make attending a Bruins game an incredible experience, something the Celtics and the NBA simply can’t match.

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