Quick thoughts on the Bruins and shootouts

By Peter Santo


The Bruins won their fourth straight last night, a 3-2 shootout win over the Tampa Bay Lightning at the Garden. After a bizarre third period that saw Lightning superstar Steven Stamkos given a game misconduct penalty for inadvertently throwing his broken stick in to the stands, the Bruins dug deep and were able to grind out a victory.

After a huge win over the Ottawa Senators Tuesday night, some maybe expected a let down from the B’s against one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference. However no such letdown occurred.

With the shootout victory the Bruins improved 3-7 in shootouts this season. However despite the victory, coach Claude Julien said his opinion on shootouts hasn’t changed, “They still stink,” said Julien.

I agree with Julien, the shootout is a terrible way to decide a hockey game. The AHL has been trying 3 on 3 OT this season, and I think that is a great idea for the NHL. Give the greatest, most athletic players in the world all that open ice to work with, and watch them go to work helping their teams win. It would certainly be very entertaining for the fans.

And for the people complaining about 3 on 3 being too tiring for the players after 60 minutes of regulation, they’re professional athletes, being in top shape is part of their job.

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