Patriots celebrate Super Bowl in style

By Peter Santo


Gronk chugs a beer in true Gronk fashion

Gronk chugs a beer in true Gronk fashion

The Patriots Super Bowl parade in Boston wednesday was a fantastic culmination to a great season. As with every Boston parade, the duck boats were the primary mode of transportation and adult beverages were consumed throughout.

The parade began at the Prudential Center, ended at City Hall Plaza and was wildly entertaining for players and fans alike. Patriots star tight end Rob Gronkowski could be seen catching alcohol, drinking it, and spiking it in perfect Gronk fashion.

Gronkowski hilariously wore a Despicable Me minion hat and could also be seen getting out of the duck boats and twerking, yes twerking on the hood.

Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman could also be seen enjoying his time waving an American flag on the hood of the duck boat. He broke out a Trent Dilfer sign in reference to Dilfer saying the Patriots were dead after a week 4 blowout loss to the Chiefs. Edelman even punched a Richard Sherman sign mocking Darelle Revis.

Julian Edelman celebrates on top of his duck boat

Julian Edelman celebrates on top of his duck boat

Patriots running back Legarrette Blount was given a t shirt from the crowd mocking Marshawn Lynch and flaunted it. Fans showed up to the parade signs ready, many mocking Richard Sherman saying things like how many rings does Brady have, mocking Darrelle Revis or posters of Sherman crying.

All in all the parade was as great success with fans of all ages coming out to support their beloved Patriots and to celebrate their fourth Super Bowl championship in the last 14 years.

Jackson Posnik contributed to this report

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